Lineage 2 Leveling Guide for Summoners

A Lineage 2 Guide for leveling a summoner (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner).

This is mainly just for spots to grind at which level. As I am finding a massive lack of guides about for Lineage 2 more then likely due to its age.

Some things you should always do.
* Get Newbie Helper buffs all the time
* Use shots when ever you can
* Upgrade Weapon first

I also had an SS buffer/recharger for 50+ levels which only different it really made for me was a little less down time so you may want to pick easier places to hunt

1 to 5 – Starter Room

5 to 10 – Mobs Between starter room and town

10 to 15 – Normally the mobs on the far side of starter town

15 to 19 – Port to Gludin and kill the mobs to the south

(do class change to hit 20)

From here you should be able to summon one of your pets (it should not take any exp. The other pet takes 90%)

20 to 28 – Port to Dion then from gatekeeper port to Cruma Tower and kill the mobs out side around the tower

28 to 35 – Port from Dion to the Bee Hive

35 to 38 – Port to Heine then from the GateKeeper port to Alligator Island. These things can hit hard but they are worth the Exp so make sure you have HP pots on you. Also try make sure you only get 1 on you at a time.

(Start the 3 class change quests) Id say do 1 at a time so you get the Dimension Crystals for easy porting. The first quest is PAINFUL!

From now you are going to use one of your pets as your main DD/Tank:
* Kai the Cat
* Merrow the Unicorn
* Soulless

40 to 45 – Cruma Tower first floor. You can pretty much control a whole room with little down time.

45 to 50 – Stay on first floor Cruma or port to second Floor and head to the left go past the first room. Can get a bit tricky up here as the groups hurt but if you can pull the group with out any other add’s they are a nice chunk of exp.

50 to 52+ – Find a Catacomb or Necroplis – I went with Catacomb of the Apostate. Port from Oren to Plains of the lizardmen. You will need to sign up for seals.

More to come

This is about where I am at will update shortly.

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