Lineage 2 (GOD) Leveling Guide 1 to 35

Leveling from 1 to 35 in Lineage 2 – Goddess of Destruction is pretty straight forward.

Once creating your character and log in you will be straight away asked to talk to an npc which begins the quest chain.

Follow this until 35 really its that simple. There is no way you will beat the exp rewards for this quest chain.

So far have managed to go from 1 to 35 in about 3 hours.

Some tips:
after your first class transfer (level 20) you can buy your self from your master in TI

  • D grade armor
  • D grade Weapon
  • D grade Jewelry
  • D grade shots

Don’t forge to log into at these levels

  • level 1 – free Hat
  • level 40 (after second class transfer) – C grade armor, jewelry, Weapon and Shots

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